Part Exchange

If you’re planning to change or upgrade your dinghy, it is well worth looking into the part-exchange and trading in options available.

At Sailingfast, we welcome part-exchange boats which, just like buying a car and trading in your old one, go some way to paying for your new boat.

Don’t have time to sell privately?

Part-exchanging does mean you avoid the ‘tyre kickers’ that may be out there and solve any storage complications – one in, one out.

Useful information for a quote includes: boat type, sail number, ‘comes with’ details (ie number of sails, condition of control lines, top cover/foil bag/etc), etc.

Ask us for a quote including part-exchange, please drop us a line on 01324 861 756 detailing the new boat you would like, along with details of the boat you wish to part exchange.