Black Project SUP Hydro SprintX Medium Shaft/Blade – Fixed

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A lightweight & forgiving SUP Paddle built to excel in all conditions from flat water to surfing

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We reduced the Hydro SprintX’s blade angle to 7.5°, from 9.3° on the Hydro FlowX. This reduction in blade angle delivers an ultra-direct and instant feel and promotes and shorter, higher cadence paddle stroke – ideal for sprinting.

We increased the width of the blade tip (when compared to the Hydro FlowX) to give paddlers instant bite and more power for acceleration. In Fig #2 the flared toe (or tip) is illustrated by arrow A and the widened dihedral edges are shown by arrow B, both these design features increase instant power. In Fig #3 the Hydro SprintX is compared to the Hydro FlowX which illustrates the wider blade with more concentrated surface area which speeds up power delivery.

This works in conjunction with the wider blade to further increase acceleration potential.

Our proprietary Advanced Flow Technology (AFT)—a pronounced neck and spine of the paddle—significantly increases the efficiency of the Hydro SprintX and balances the forces created by the paddle.

Similar in theory to a performance cycling helmet, the AFT parts the water and brings it back together in an efficient manner, minimizing turbulence around the blade and shaft. This reduced turbulence eliminates unwanted lateral blade movements so you can focus on paddling hard.

We thinned out the blade to reduce volume, this helps with faster entry/exit and results in a higher cadence. The aim is that you can maximize the number of strokes that you take over a short distance.

We designed the PowerTaper shaft with a high kick point specifically for the Hydro SprintX. This innovative new shaft keeps stiffness in the lower portion of the shaft for instant power under extreme load, while the more flexible top section creates increased spring to reduce shoulder fatigue. The overall result is a paddle stroke that generates more power, while also being easier on your body.

The Hydro SprintX also includes our PowerGrip ergonomic racing handle—optimized for maximum power, increased efficiency, and better grip during rapid paddling.

The PowerGrip is triangular in nature, with a wider, flatter and more upright back than our previous handles. The slightly curved back fits naturally in your palm, while the indentation on the front adds comfort and security when wrapping your fingers and helps maintain grip when the paddle is rotated forward. This new grip will maximize energy transfer to promote efficient paddling and speed.

“We want our athletes to have a very secure feel so they can focus 100% on getting their paddle in the water, out of the water and back in the water. They won’t have to think about where the paddle is going—it’s almost like the paddle is on autopilot.” — Chris Freeman

The Hydro SprintX will also feature our premium TEXCARBON 30T construction—the lightest, strongest, and most technologically advanced paddle construction we’ve ever used.

30T carbon is 25% lighter than 24T regular carbon – which is commonly used in paddles. This allows us to reduce weight and increase strength, resulting in a much more responsive and high-performance paddle.

Our innovative paddle designs would not be possible without the use of extremely expensive materials and complex layups.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 10 × 150 cm
Shaft Diameter

26mm, 29mm


Fixed, Adjustable, 3 piece adjustable

Blade Size

S, M, L