Buff Coolnet UV+ Headband - Shining Pink


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Buff are the go-to neckwear available in a multitude of colours and styles. This is the Buff Coolnet UV+ Headband in the colour Shining Pink.

May also double up as a temporary face mask in these post-corona times.

  • CoolNet UV+ fabric: 95% recycled, light and comfortable!
  • Ultrastretch technology: 4-way stretch for best fit and top comfort.
  • Recycled materials for a better planet.

CoolNet® UV+ Headband Aralia Multi: CoolNet® UV+ Headband. Comfortable product with an optimal fit and fusion joined fabrics to prevent skin irritation. Ideal for an all-year-round use: efficient forehead perspiration absorption during high-intensity summer activities like running and trail running, and ear protection against the cold while downhill and cross-country skiing. Meet our newest recycled CoolNet® UV+ fabric. 95% recycled polyester microfiber, its moisture management properties pull sweat away from your skin and into our evaporative cooling fabric design so you stay cool, light and comfortable. UPF 50+ fabrication prevents hazardous exposure to the sun while delivering 4-way ULTRA stretch weave and 100% seamless design for the perfect fit.

  • Design: Patterned.
  • One size.