Optiparts Silver Mast

£149.99 (ex. VAT £124.99)

Available on backorder

Less stiff the the Black Gold but ideal for the light weight sailor who has just started racing. The SILVER ? 45 x 2 mm mast.�The Optiparts Silver mast includes a rig pack with: – Stainless steel hook-in block backing plate, – 2 top pins, – Low friction wind indicator, – Aluminum halyard and downhaul Clamcleat, – Hook-in block with Aluminum sheave in a nylon casing, – Line package with,2 to 1, 4 mm Vectran halyard, 3 mm Dyneema bridle with ring, Dyneema outhaul, 2 mm wire, 6 mm Dyneema downhaul.