Starboard SUP Kids Zen Single Chamber Inflatable: 9’0″ X 28″ X 4.75″ with Tuffskin Paddle

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Smaller boards for smaller rippers

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The ease of storage, transportation and softer construction makes the SUPKids inflatable paddle boards the perfect choice for kids when it comes to fun and safety. Dedicated SUPKids range is specially scaled with narrow outlines to hold the paddle closer and straighter to the board for improved tracking. It is the paddleboard specially designed for the kids to have the best time on the water. Scaled width down to 28? to be able to keep the paddle straighter with good glide with combo of narrow mid-section and 9 feet length. A fun and maneuverable all-rounder for riders up to 65 kg, but surely an 80 kg person with experience can enjoy it as well.

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Dimensions 60 × 20 × 2000 cm