Tried and tested by the Sailingfast team, these are the products we have carefully selected over the years.

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WASZP Raid Sailors


We Look After Our People

Have you broken or lost something one weekend only to find you can’t get to the chandlery for ages, and when you do get there, they don’t have what you need? The UK summer is so short, Sailingfast want you to maximise your time on the water so that every opportunity is spent sailing, not trying to find spares.


We Ship As Fast As We Sail

Sailingfast is The Dinghy Specialist: dedicated to supplying your dinghy spares, we want to make it easy for you to get the best equipment on the market as quickly as possible so you can concentrate on sailing fast!

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Experience Is Everything

We’ve tested much of the dinghy-specific clothing and spares available. We’ve selected what we believe are the best manufacturers and products from their ranges and negotiated preferential rates so we can supply you with the very best sailing equipment at the best prices.