Safe, stable & confidence building Fusion is the ground breaking, ultra-modern one boat solution for families and sailing centres! 

Versatile & Low Maintenance

Sail singlehanded with just the mainsail, add a jib for crew, use a Pro mainsail for more power and response, Fusion can even be rowed when there’s no wind!

Fun & Cool

Style, ergonomic excellence and what we like to call “simplicity redefined” allows Fusion to deliver the purest, most enjoyable, carefree sailing experience possible.


Durable, safe, well priced and virtually maintenance free, we excuse ourselves for asking the question……………. “What’s not to like?

The Sailingfast team gave the Fusion a try out on Loch Tummel and had a blast bombing around. We highly recommend the Fusion for families with young children looking to get them interested in sailing, rowing, or just messing around in boats!

If you are looking for advice or have questions, just drop us a line on 01324 861 756