The Mackay 420 won the first World Championship it entered. 

Mackay Boats started building the International 420 in 2011. Introduction of the 420 was preceeded by 2 years of development and design to produce the fastest shape and best structure to ensure the Mackay 420 lived up to the same winning reputation as their winning 470’s.

The design and class rules gave us the opportunity to build a boat similar to the way they build the 470s both in terms of the structure of the mouldings and the look of the boat.

So the reason to start building 420s has been largely the challenge of creating something new and exciting.   To build a boat using all of Mackay’s experience in design and construction that is FAST.

One of the attractions for us with the 420 is its universal appeal as a class.  It has always been popular and it always will be.  There is something about the boat that attracts the youth to it.  We think it’s got to do with how post-opti kids can relate to the size of the boat and it’s sail plan, while providing them with all the thrills they could ever wish for in varying wind strengths.

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