Opt Outdside

This coming Friday sees the world go mad for so-called bargains online and in shops across the UK. With names like Black Friday and Cyber Monday emphasising the apocalyptic nature of these flash sales, Paddlefast are jumping on the Red Paddle Co bandwagon and suggesting we #optoutside instead.

Get outside

The weather may be turning colder with bitter easterly winds, but that’s no excuse for not heading outside and reconnecting with our outside environment. We are blessed to be an island nation, with rivers, lochs, lakes and canals criss-crossing all over the place. Take advantage – throw your thermals or winter wetsuit in the car along with your board and head to the water.

In fact, the mental health benefits of being outside are much lauded of late with NHS doctors in Scotland now able to prescribe outdoor fitness classes or just the simplicity of a daily 20 minute walk instead of traditional medication. The benefits of paddling are plentiful: slow down and take time to watch the flora and fauna. It’s a low-impact activity and you can be as vigorous or languid with your paddle stroke as you fancy.

Dress for the conditions

There’s no such thing as bad weather and if we didn’t go out in the rain, sleet, hail, snow in Scotland, then we would never go outside at all! Dress for the weather and take a look at the range of Zhik clothing we have in stock. Extend your paddling season – it’s got to be a win all round.

Share the love

We love to see what our customers are up to so, wherever you end up, share your pictures with us and on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #optoutside and #deliveringfasterpaddlers.

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