Paddleclub 2018 up and running

Winter break and a new arrival

Some of our more frequent customers and Paddleclub attendees will know that we have had a quieter than usual 6 months at Paddlefast as we welcome the arrival of baby Ellie. Awwwww.

However, the call of the water is strong and I am desperate to get back to fighting fitness – what better way than getting Paddleclub back up and running for 2018!

Paddleclub 2018 meet ups – the when, the where?

Paddleclub meets every second Tuesday (or thereabouts) in various locations across the Central Belt of Scotland. Occasionally you can find us further afield depending on our family and/or business plans. We like to take the boards with us and take advantage of new paddle points where possible.

A friendly bunch, we have between 4 and 20 people turn up on any given week. It’s a great way to meet some like-minded paddlers, and maybe even make new friends.

Evening Format

We tend to aim for a 7pm launch time, so give yourself time to arrive, pump up your board (If bringing an iSUP). The paddle itself can be an hour or two, sometimes splitting into 2 groups so the more advanced can scoot a bit further afield. We all rendezvous back at the launch point for, hopefully, a post-paddle pint at a nearby establishment.

I don’t have a board, can I hire one from you?

Absolutely – we have set up a ticketing system this year through Eventbrite to avoid over booking. On any given evening we have up to 4 boards available to hire. Just make sure you arrive a good 30-40 minutes ahead of launch time so you can get the safety briefing and set up.

Biscuit club with a paddle problem?!

So, if there are no nearby establishments, BRING BISCUITS! It’s hungry work paddling for a couple of hours – it would be rude not to, right?!

So how do I book Paddleclub 2018?

Head over to our Facebook Page Events section to see the upcoming Paddleclub 2018 events. To book, follow the link through to Eventbrite where you have a choice of booking the following tickets:
‘Got my own kit, thanks’ – these are free
‘Board hire, please’ – these are paid tickets and include board hire (inc leash and buoyancy aid if needed).

If you can’t make one of our organised Paddleclub 2018 sessions, then join our Facebook Group Paddlefast Paddleclub – Central Scotland. This is a free to join forum for like-minded paddlers to find paddle buddies or ask advice.

Got the bug? Want a SUP of your own?

If you have tried one of our demo boards and fancy getting one yourself, just let us know on the night and we can organise a bespoke quote. If you hire a board and then buy from us, you get the cost of your board hire back (so taken off the cost of your new board). To find out more – 01324 861 756 or email me.

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