Ronstan Small Wedge Kit

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Ronstan Small Wedge Kit which suits Small C & T Cleats, swivel blocks.

  • Wedges (A) are stackable for greater angles or to act as a riser.
  • Stack wedges (A) to raise height of cleats or to correct mounting alignment at 11, 22, 33 degrees.
  • You will need to use multiple wedge kits (A & B) if cleat angled required is greater than 11 degrees.
  • The smaller component is a backing plate (B) which is to be mounted under deck to distribute load and help align the nuts with the angle of the fasteners.
  • Only the wedge component (A) matches the base of the cleat and has locking pips to allow for stacking.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm