Spinlock Alto SUP Manual Flotation Device 75N



The Spinlock Deckvest Alto is a compact and lightweight inflatable lifejacket that can be worn around the waist, either front or back. It is perfect for many water activities such as dragon boat racing, fishing, wind surfing, river racing, rowing , kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and many more activities. Its neat “bum bag” style wont get in the way whilst working and playing on the water. Packed with 75N buoyancy, simply pull the tab on the belt to inflate and deploy the horseshoe buoy. It can be adjusted at the waist and it can be easily resized to suit whoever is wearing it. An essential life saving device thats so neat and compact you will forget you are wearing it.

  • 75N buoyancy
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Can be worn front or back
  • Manually activated with a 16g CO2 cylinder
  • Additional oral inflation and deflation tube
  • ISO12402-5 approved

Comes in Blue, Black, Grey and Grey with a yellow stripe (Yellow).

Please note, this has to be shipped with a courier service as it contains compressed CO2.