RS Sailing Launches the Improved MK2 RS Feva

Sailingfast is thrilled to announce the launch of the Mk2 RS Feva.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and our desire to ensure the best possible experience with our boats, we are continually developing and perfecting our products. Our latest project has focussed on the RS Feva. After 20 years of successful manufacturing and having established the RS Feva as a trusted choice globally for families, clubs and National Authorities, we have implemented a deck design upgrade for the RS Feva.

The Mk2 RS Feva has been developed by the RS Design & Technologies Team. Throughout the process of updating the RS Feva deck design, we ensured that we maintained the original hull shape ensuring the Mk1 RS Feva would not become obsolete. The Mk2 developments will give the boat greater durability and better ease of use for a wider range of sailors.

Jon Partridge, RS Sailing CEO – Commercial, commented, “As many of you know, I’m incredibly passionate about the RS Feva and it’s a class that I hold close to my heart. The Mk2 design upgrades will not only ensure that the RS Feva has better ease of use, durability and easier maintenance, but it will fortify the future of this ever-growing class. I’m excited about next season already!”.

Deck Redesign

The deck has been brought up to date. This has allowed us to;


 Transom Fittings

Shroud Attachment

Kicker Upgrade

Rudder Stock

Spinnaker Tray

Tack Bar


We want to reassure current owners of the MK1 RS Feva that the hull and deck shape remain fundamentally the same, the underwater profile is identical, and all the spars, foils and sails for the RS Feva are compatible with the MK2 hull. We can confidently assure owners that no boats will become obsolete due to the Mk2 upgrades.

Alex Newton-Southon, RS Sailing CEO – Design & Technologies, commented, “It felt right after 20 years of successful manufacturing to focus on the RS Feva. The RS Feva has been a global success, and we were incredibly conscious that any changes needed to enhance the sailing and ownership experience without making the Mk1 obsolete. We’re thrilled with the final design of the Mk2 RS Feva and look forward to seeing upcoming junior sailors enjoying it for the next decade!”

We plan to have stock of the Mk2 RS Feva available in the UK by the  Autumn/Winter of 2022, please contact the office for more info 01324 861756.

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