Sailingfast Team Riders

Tim Evans

What is your age?

What are you studying, or what did you study?
I am studying Maths, Physics, Further Maths and Computer Science at A level

What do you sail?

Where do you sail?
Grafham Sailing Club

Who introduced you to sailing?
My sister

Tim Evans launching his ILCA

Do you have a role model/inspirational person that you follow? If so, why do you find them inspirational?

My Dad is my role model – especially in terms of endurance.  He competes in ultramarathons – and I admire both his preparation (fitness, nutrition and recovery) and his ability to psychologically push through when it’s tough.   These are exactly the attributes required for successful week-long sailing events.

What would be your best advice or top tips for younger sailors or new sailors?

My top tip to younger sailors is to just enjoy being on the water, have fun and make friends – because passion will get you further than anything else.
If you enjoy racing, then try to race as much as possible – although it’s great sailing within your class, remember that all racing is helpful.  It is good to race against much faster boats, because even if it means losing, it teaches you think outside the box and create your own race plan to make up for the lack of boat speed – it also teaches you the mental attitude to keep on trying even if you are near the back of the fleet.

Tim Evans sailing the ILCA n the horizon

Quickfire Questions

Tell us something about you that no one else knows

I am missing one of my adult teeth (it never grew).

What’s your superpower?

Managing to get sun-burnt in winter in the UK! (Red hair, Scottish skin)

What bit of sailing kit can you not live without? And why?

I couldn’t live without a buoyancy aid with a LARGE pocket for snacks.

What’s your ultimate dream?

I love sailing and love racing – it would be incredible to race in the Olympics!  I also enjoy working out how things work, teamwork and competition and think I would very much enjoy being an engineer in the America’s Cup team.

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