WASZP GPS Challenge – Win a ride on an F50!

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WASZP pro am picture

Check out all the latest News on this unprecedented challenge with the best prize in Sailing! 


Professional Sailors V WASZP Sailors

This is an amazing opportunity to race agains the Pro’s! Get on your WASZP or borrow a boat and join the challenge to beat the Pro’s.

You can login to the platform now and complete some test sessions >>> https://www.gps-waszp.com/

Olympians love the WASZP way of life

We have seen an influx of Olympic sailors past and present jumping into the WASZP Class over the last 12 months. 

The WASZP is the perfect cross trainer to their Olympic campaigns. The boat is also an awesome way to keep racing skills sharp in a one-design class. 


The biggest attraction for the Olympians has been keeping minds fresh by just going out and sailing for fun! Whether racing or just getting on the water with your mates, the WASZP is the perfect class.

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