Where will Sailing Take You? Interview with Alex Still

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Still or known by the nickname of Chucky from all those years ago in the Scottish squad. I’m here to answer a few questions for Sailingfast. First up is occupation. I’ve recently, just come off a 115 metre superyacht called Le Grand Blu. I was on her for the last four years, and we did lots of interesting, exciting things in amongst all the polishing and detailing that goes on. She spent most of her time in the Mediterranean during the summer, then for winter chased the nicer weather across to the Caribbean.

Where am I staying at the moment?

I am currently staying in Glasgow for the moment, actually, and taking a year off to do some studying to hopefully get my ‘Officer of the Watch Unlimited’ certificate and basically lead to the next stage up in my career.

How did I get into sailing?

From a very young age actually, down at Royal Gourock Yacht Club is where it all started. We’d go out in a very old, light blue Topper that we had down there. Our Dad used to take us out there, take us sailing around the moorings, and that then led to an interest of doing some racing. Then I started touring around the country doing the traveller series in the topper.

And then that then led on to the Scottish squad. From 2006 to 2010 I was part of the Scottish squads, and with the coach of, we had Kirsten Mcseveny, and then throughout the years we had a number of amazing coaches as well.

Best bit about the squads?

I guess just the freedom of the training camps that we had across in Cumbrae in the winter, waving goodbye to our parents in Largs and taking the very, sometimes, or most of the time, windy and blustery ferry across to the island, and we spent the weekend with our mates and having an amazing time doing some racing, training, and jogging to the monument, and it was just all great fun.

What did I sail after the Topper and why?

I got too big for the Topper sort of grew out of it, struggled to fit underneath the boom. So I chose the Laser Radial class, great decision, I loved the competitiveness of the class, and the physicality and yeah it was just great fun.  

What am I sailing at the moment?

Unfortunately, no sailing anything at the moment. Hopefully, do a bit more during the summer, up the West Coast, and then yeah just have to see what the plans are after this year.

Coolest thing I’ve done related to sailing?

Too many to choose from, really. From the Topper squad to the Laser squad and travelling around with them, sailing in some amazing places with them; doing some ocean crossings has got to be up there as some quite cool things, crossing the equator – big tick in the box and

What are your sailing plans for the future?

As I said this year not got any immediate plans, hopefully do some stuff through the summer. Then, after this year hopefully get onto something quite exciting. Just have to see what happens. Thank you very much. Hopefully everyone has a great, great year sailing. Thank you.

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