Topper Sail 4.2

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Genuine Topper Spares

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Topper 4.2m sail – new style (with webbing strap) to go with new mast head cap. You can still use this sail with the old style masthead crane, just cut the webbing strap and attach the halyard loop as normal, or you can tuck the webbing strap carefully round the mast.

This sail is smaller then the standard Topper sail, which makes it perfect for the smaller sailor or for someone looking to enjoy a windy day’s sailing with more control. You do not need to alter the standard boat to fit this sail making it fully interchangeable with other family members and their sailing.

Since the introduction of this sail a full competitive circuit has developed including a National Championship.

We would be happy to fit sail numbers to the sail , just remember to purchase GBRs, black 230mm digital 8 sail numbers and championship numbers (white) and our sail numbering service as required.

Remember to tell us your numbers in the comments box at checkout.

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Dimensions 271 × 11 × 11 cm