Little Hawk Race Mark 2 – Podium Edition

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The Little Hawk Race and Little Hawk MK2 have been on Bronze, Silver and Gold Winning boats at the last 4 Olympics. With Feedback from Olympic Sailors we have tweaked the formula to bring you the Little Hawk Race and Little Hawk MK2 Podium Editions. The Vane Arm has been redesigned to reduce weight, Increase rigidity, Improve balance and reduce the Centre of Momentum. We have also angled the vane to stop mainsheets catching. There is a Red Vane for the MK2 at the gooseneck and Black for the top of the Mast, giving optimal visibility. The Locking Block is also now captive so that the Vane can not be lost and it keeps it perfectly balanced.

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Dimensions 41 × 21 × 5 cm