Authentic kid’s Review of Red Paddle Co kiddy paddle

On a recent paddle, I asked Alexander (aged 6) for a review of the Red Paddle Co kiddy paddle which he has used for the last couple of years. Now 6 years old, it finally is the right size for him.

The paddler

Alexander has been paddleboarding since we started the business 4 years ago now. Initially just a passenger, he has gradually become more involved in our paddle adventures at Loch Lomond and beyond. We got him his own paddle when he was 4 but it wasn’t really until this summer that he used it properly.

The review

I wasn’t entirely sure what Alexander might say so I couldn’t risk a Facebook live and opted for a video instead. Never work with kids, they say… So, unscripted, unprompted, this is his Red Paddle Co kiddy paddle review:

I love his potential for imagination at every turn! Needless to say, I have never seen him use it as a walking stick until then. I had visions of a light sabre or a marshmallow toasting stick. What do I know?!

At Paddlefast we do have the Red Paddle kiddy paddles in stock which are ideal for kids from around 6 years old and the paddle extends from 130-170cm.

Child on red paddle co 10’6 splashing feetWhere to buy

You can get your hand on a new kiddy paddle here.

We always have a demo one you can try out at Paddleclub and occasionally it may be for sale – check the clearance pages.

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