Dinghy Show Deals 2017 from Sailingfast

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Topper Complete Boat

Laser range available from SailingfastAs we make our final preparations to head south to Alexandra Palace, London for the RYA
Suzuki Dinghy Show, we are delighted to reveal the Dinghy Show deals from the various brands we represent.

To take advantage of these special offers from the comfort of your own home, please contact the office on 01324 861 756 (the line will forward to our event mobile while we’re at the Dinghy Show) or via email info@sailingfast.co.uk and we’d be happy to put together a quote for you. Deals are available until the close of business on Monday 6th March.

Deals from LaserPerformance

Firstly, LaserPerformance is offering a reduced Dinghy Show price across the range along with a spares voucher which can be put towards spares purchased at the same time as your new boat. Here are just some of the offers available – please call the office on 01324 861 756 for more details.

Laser XD including Trolley – £5,750 (saving £240)
Also includes a £250 spares voucher and 1 year extended warranty

Laser Bahia Including Gennaker – £6,400 (saving £400)
Also includes a £250 spares voucher and 1 year extended warranty

Laser Pico – £2,121 (saving £629)
Plus 1 year extended warranty

Laser Vago – £5,200 (saving £300)
Also Includes a £250 spares voucher and 1 year extended warranty

Toppers sailingDeals from Topper Sailboats

In addition Topper Sailboats have also released some Dinghy Show Deals including the following:

Topper 4.2 Race – £2,495 (saving £400)
Topper 5.3 Race – £2,595 (saving £400)

Why Sailingfast?

The simple answer is because we care about customer service. We care about your new boat. We ensure it not only gets to you in top condition but we’ll even put the ‘bags of bits’ (hull fittings, control lines, etc) together for you so all you have to do is put the rig together and you’re ready to go sailing.

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