Exciting new developments in the WASZP Class

Sailingfast are thrilled to let you in on some exciting new developments in the WASZP class. 


WASZP_X (age 11-14)​ – The ultimate foiling pathway 

Welcome the WASZP_X to the WASZP family. Creating the most accessible foiling pathway in the world, from junior, to youth, to senior sailing. 

The WASZP_X is the latest product out of the WASZP factory. This boat will provide the start point of the most affordable and accessible foiling pathway in the sport, minimising the total customer lifetime spend over the sailing journey. The class will use the same hull as the WASZP with the following differences:​ 

WASZP X on the beachThe WASZP_X still benefits from all of the other great WASZP features:​ 

Using all the current WASZP Racehub infrastructure, the WASZP_X will be able to mobilise a global racing circuit extremely quickly. With agent support in more than 30 countries, the global reach of the WASZP brand is incredible. All our agents are set-up and ready to connect the dots on this foiling pathway. We can now complete the circle from youth to senior sailing on one platform at one cost. Creating an overall lifetime spend for a WASZP sailor that is incredibly low compared to those who will continually need to upgrade their class or platform to move through the ranks.  

Will there be class racing?

SailGP Inspire

The WASZP_X will grow into a go-to class for junior sailors, allowing them an early jump into competitive foiling without the price tag or danger of other classes. With global partnerships in place with SailGP and the INSPIRE youth racing circuit, we envisage this will be the starting point to get more kids foiling earlier and lifting the overall standard by the time they reach their late teens and move into senior sailing on the WASZP 8.2.

 The WASZP lifestyle and culture is what ties this together – a genuine sailing home for anyone wanting to join the fun of the WASZP. WASZP has proved time and time again to be an innovator in how the class is managed and events are created. WASZP forms one of the most exciting global event circuits, and we cannot wait to add the WASZP_X to the family! 

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WASZP X sailing side view

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