Is an inflatable SUP right for me?

Over at Paddlefast HQ, it didn’t take us long to mull this one over! If you’ve never tried paddleboarding before, the whole buying experience can feel a little overwhelming.

What type of board, for flat water, rivers, surfing, touring? What type of paddle, 3 piece, carbon, entry level? And that’s before you’ve even chosen what to wear on the water depending on the weather conditions (which could change at a moment’s notice)!!

So, here are a couple of quick questions to think on…

  1. Do you have limited storage space at home?
  2. Do you have a (relatively) small vehicle?
  3. Do you like to paddle in different places every time?
  4. Do you like a (quick) warm up before hitting the water?
  5. Do you have a limited budget?

If the answer to most or all of those questions is yes, then an inflatable board is ideally suited to you and your paddling ambitions. Inflatable boards are cheaper than hard boards, they roll up into a kit bag that fits easily into your vehicle or can be carried on your back. In addition, if you treat the few minutes pumping your board to the required pressure (PSI) as a warm up then you’re all set to throw the bag in the car and get out there – no holding back!

With an abundance of canals, lochs or lakes and a coastline of roughly 31,000km (including some islands), we reckon that’s enough water to keep you occupied for a year or five.

So all that remains is to choose the style of paddling you might be doing: all round to surfing, racing to river. Once you have done that, you probably have a choice of 1-3 boards per manufacturer. With Paddlefast you can choose from Red Paddle Co, Starboard, Naish and BiC.

Still not sure? Don’t worry, we’re just at the end of the phone and would be happy to talk you through the options that suit you best. Just call +441324 861 756 or email the office [email protected]Red Paddle RIde Quiver Red Paddle into small car Red Paddle Range of Inflatable Naish One Garda Naish Alana Loch Lomong


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