Naish Product testing for 2019

This week has been a busy time heading all the way down to the south coast to do a little product testing. We spent a very productive couple of hours with Alex from Naish SUP trying out some of their hard boards.

Conditions were perfect at Weymouth with light breeze and sunshine. We launched in the harbour for a quick shot of the following boards:

Naish Glide 14’0” x 29”

We tried the 2018 version. This is Naish’s best-selling hard board in the UK (and my favourite of the 3 we tried). Suited for touring, there are points for a cargo bungee on the front and space for small kids too. Just as well as I don’t think our 6 year old would tolerate being left behind! When you get going, the noise of the water makes it sound like the board is chuckling away – brilliant sound (you don’t get that with an inflatable).

Naish Maliko 14’0” x 26”

Eek! Bit more narrow than we are used to, shaky start but I can see the appeal. It is FAST! Quite a bulbous nose, this is perfect for the racers out there. If money and space were no object, I would have one of these as well as the Glide 14’! You have to stand further forward than I was expecting but a lovely board nonetheless.

Naish Glide 12’6” x 31”

This is also a great board, but a bit heavier to carry than either of the first 2. The wind had picked up a little so it was hard work getting to the water. That said, a very stable platform and a sturdy construction means it can take a few knocks. Probably best if you have a van it could go in, rather than (speaking as someone without much upper body strength, no really!)

Naish Paddle Product Testing

We also got to play with the Kevlar Wave paddle and the Carbon Plus Paddle (one up from the Performance paddles we usually carry as stock). The carbon paddle has a higher aspect so is good for consistent strokes if you are touring or even racing on relatively flat water. The Kevlar Wave has a teardrop-shaped blade which is better for power on the catch to give you strength to catch waves. Especially good for donwinder sessions.

2019 demo quiver – try before you buy

If you want to do a little product testing of your own, We already have a couple of the Naish Inflatables in the demo quiver but we are very keen to get our hands on some hard boards too. This means you are welcome to try before you buy so you can get a feel for what works for your lifestyle, storage space and vehicle choice!

Just email us or call 01324 861756 to set up a demo, or come along to one of our regular paddleclub sessions in the summer months.

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