New E40i Electric Winch from Seldén Mast.

New E40i Electric Winch from Seldén Mast simplifies short-handed sailing.

Seldén Mast Ltd has introduced a new electric winch, the E40i, to the UK. Ideal for single or
short-handed sailing, this three-speed winch can be operated by the helm with two fingers; one
to start the winch and one to switch speeds.

This labour-saving sailing must-have is built around an electric motor which is totally integrated
into the drum, leaving just three thin cables protruding.

What does it do?

With no external motor or gearbox, the E40i’s innovative design means the large cut-out in the
deck or coach roof, usually associated with electric winch installation, is no longer required.
E40i is ideal for operating halyards, furling lines and sheets led to the coach roof.

Who is it for?

Launched last year in Sweden, the E40i has proved very popular with boat owners in the 35- 45ft range, especially those who sail with limited or inexperienced crew. “It’s convenient and easy for everyone onboard, such a simple way to hoist, furl and trim the sails,” says Anders Lagerberg, Najad 400 owner, with E40i installed. “I’m experiencing much smoother sailing than ever before, especially when sailing by myself.”

The self-contained nature of the E40i winch makes for simple self installation and full instructions are provided. Alternatively, professional installation can easily be arranged through a Seldén dealer.

The E40i is available with a black anodized aluminium drum or a stainless-steel drum.
Recommended retail price for the new E40i electric winch, including the control pack, is
£2,848.40 for the entry level aluminium drum.

A Power Supply System (PSU) converting 12V/24V to 42V is also required. The PSU retails
separately at £592.80, but boats fitted with a Seldén electric Furlex may already have one

How do I get one?

For further information on the E40i winch, please drop us a line on 01324 861 756 or ask for a quote via this link.

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