Paddlefast’s top 10 paddleboarding gifts for Christmas

In the run up to Christmas, there is an overwhelm of amazing things that you could get the paddler in your life as a present. Paddlefast have rounded up a top 10 gift list of useful paddleboarding gifts with a price tag for every budget.

Be kind to your local waters by using eco-friendly cleaning products for your SUP gear. We have a number of gift bundles, or you might just need a wee refill.

From waterproof pouches to waterproof cool bags and everything in between, we have a range of Red Original dry bags to keep your kit dry whether you are going for a wee pootle, or an epic adventure.

Designed for a range of watersports, the ALTO is a lightweight, compact, inflatable flotation device worn around the waist. Manually operated, the inflatable tube is released from the waist pack and then supports the user under the arms and around the chest. 

Make your paddleboarding trips easy with this SUP specific electric pump. Set it to the correct PSI and leave it to do all the hard work while you get changed. Winner!

From phone cases to 20L dry bags, we have a number of handy dry bag options from Overboard. Whether you are pootling round the bay and need to keep your phone to hand (if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen, right?!) to bags for longer adventures, these handy bags keep everything dry and within reach (NB. we use ours for mostly for biscuits #thisbiscuitclubhasapaddleproblem!!)

Work on your balance whatever the weather with these gorgeous Italian designed Balance Boards. Choose from the Standard board with the smaller roller or head straight for the Pro board. Have you tried the jumper challenge? While staying balanced, take off and then put your jumper back on.

The right paddle can make a huge difference to your overall paddling experience, especially if you are adventure-prone! We are delighted to import Black Project SUPs range of lightweight, powerful paddles that are optimised to protect your body from injury.
Not sure about the sizing? Please drop us a line in the office and we can assist, or better yet, pop by the shop to try them in person.

One of our best sellers, we have waist leashes from Palm, Red Paddle Co and Esea Strap.
Designed to convert your existing leash into a Quick Release waist leash which you can easily release if you manage to get yourself pinned.

Looking for a big ticket item? We have an extensive range of paddleboards in stock from various leading manufacturers:
Red Paddle Co, Naish, Starboard, Fanatic, Jobe, STX

Still not sure what to get the paddler in your life? How about a gift voucher so they can put it towards something they would really like?

Paddlefast Gift Vouchers

We would be very happy to talk you through some options based on the type of paddleboarding they do and your budget. Just drop us a line via email [email protected] or by phone on 01324 861 756.

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