Loos Professional Tension Gauge (2.5-4mm Wire) PT1M Metric UK/European Version

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Important Note: This is the UK/European version for use with metric sized wire NOT the incompatible American/imperial version.

The Loos “Professional Model” tension gauge is designed to provide an accurate measurement of the tension in rigging wire and other types of cable used in recreational and industrial applications. It is particularly useful for accurate and repeatable tuning of a sailboat standing rigging.

An inexpensive yet accurate method of checking cable tension. Ideal for determining loads on sailboat rigging, guy wires, fences, or any application where cable or wires are installed under load. Manufactured of rugged anodized aluminium, this gauge is corrosive resistant and will give years of service.

Detailed operating instructions are included with each tension gauge Higher accuracy and easier to use than standard models. The cable can be adjusted while the gauge remains on the cable. Just watch the pointer move. Not For Rod Rigging.

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm