North 420 Spinnaker S-01 (White)

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Faster by Design


The S0-1 all-purpose spinnaker for the International 420 performs well on both runs and reaches. It has the largest projected area of all our 420 spinnakers, and the depth is balanced from top to bottom to make trimming easier. Since the sail itself is a little flatter than the S-05, you can play the spinnaker pole height to stabilize it when required. For colors other than solid White or solid Lt Blue please contact your local North Sails loft or agent.

North Sails offers a wide variety of downwind symmetric and asymmetric sail types made using the NPC DOWNWIND sailcloth range. Each of our sail types is designed for a specific range of wind speeds and angles. Every North spinnaker is custom designed to suit each customer’s needs and maximize VMG/VMC in the broadest range of wind and sea conditions. NPC DOWNWIND sails provide higher boatspeeds, deeper angles, and faster acceleration with consistent and predictable trimming characteristics.


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Dimensions 60 × 40 × 10 cm