Red Equipment Silent Air Remover

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12 Hours Hot, 24 Hours Cold.

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Introducing the new Silent Air Remover from Red Original, the ultimate accessory for any inflatable paddle board that allows you to pack up in peace.  

The Silent Air Remover reduces the sound of a board inflated to 18psi from over 130 decibels at initial valve depression to less than 80 decibels. That is the equivalent of a jet taking off in comparison to background noise in a restaurant.  

  1. Discrete: Lowering valve depression from 130 decibels to less than 80 decibels
  2. Multi-brand: Able to use on any board that uses a HR valve
  3. Designed for disassembly: All parts can be replaced for easy maintenance
  4. One-Year Warranty: Giving you peace of mind


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm