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Slot Gasket is a specially formulated laminate of Polyester film and Dacron sailcloth. It has very special characteristics of rigidity, flexibility and tear resistance making it a perfect film to cover your centreboard/daggerboard slot to keep water out but allow your centreboard/daggerboard to pass through it.

Slot Strip can also be used as transom flaps on Racing Dinghies and Rudder/keel fairings on Yachts. When fitting slot strip you will need to decide whether to fit 1 complete piece covering the whole slot and cut a centre slit down the middle for the centreboard/daggerboard to emerge, or whether you want 2 separate strips (1 on either side) that overlap by about 1cm.

Most boat builders will fit the Slot Strip from new with epoxy or Sikoflex compounds. Hawk Marine Products recommend that for DIY replacements you use a contact adhesive.

Price is by the metre, width is 70mm.

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm