Starboard Lima Tuffskin Paddle – 3 piece

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Concave and cupped blade shape integrating the very latest from our World Champion Lima paddles. Slim profile, high stiffness and lower weight. The large tip area allows for max forward motion even if the blade is not totally submerged.

Never before has our entry level paddle been this close to a top-notch performance paddle.


The new Super Handle changes the way we paddle

The flat top and wide grip create new powerful leverage of the whole paddle and the blade

One can steer the paddle on slight angles and remain with full power

Especially good for side winds and keeping the board on the course you may set.


Comes With Every Paddle

Use the trash picker as a helpful tool to pick up plastic and other trash while paddling. It’s made from recycled plastic and comes with every paddle. Store the trash in a bag or pocket it until you reach the shore.

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Dimensions 80 × 15 × 30 cm

Blue, Purple