Starboard Drain Cover Scuppers

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The Starboard Drain Cover is a pack that includes 4 drain hole covers for the All Star & Sprint.

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Stick on drain covers reduces water entering the standing tray, creates suction to remove any water inside, and has a smooth release when paddling.

The Starboard All Star and Sprint both feature a progressive dugout design, aided by an efficient drainage system that helps flush water out of the standing area. For advanced paddlers looking to improve efficiency even more, the Starboard Drain Covers offer a convenient solution to maximizing your boards capabilities. The drain covers reduce unwanted water from entering the standing area, while simultaneously creating a natural vacuum to remove water that may have spilled over into the dugout standing area. Attaches easily to your board with attached 3m waterproof strips. These will fit most dugout race/performance boards with drainage holes.


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