Sailingfast Team Riders

Ben Anderson

What is your age?

What are you studying, or what did you study?
I’m at school on the Isle of Wight; I still have 2 years to go before my GCSEs so I’m planning to do as much sailing as possible before then.

What do you sail?
WASZP and an ILCA 4

Where do you sail?
I mostly train out of WPNSA, but I learned to sail at Gurnard Sailing Club on the Isle of Wight.

Who introduced you to sailing?
James Hynes, who is an Irish professional sailor who coached at the Sydney Olympics, and who lives on the Island and races lots of different boats in the Solent. I only started sailing during the Covid lock-down when all the ferries stopped and school was closed so I just sailed every day, up and down for hours in an old Tera, from just outside my house; the Solent was so quiet then, it was amazing.

Ben Anderson with Micky Beckett

Do you have a role model/inspirational person that you follow? If so, why do you find them inspirational?

Micky Beckett is my favourite sailor. I got to know him a couple of years ago when I was new to ILCAs and he has always given me top tips and taken an interest in my sailing. He is such a talented sailor, and so modest too. Also, if he ever has a bad race he just shrugs it off, and focuses on the next one.

What would be your best advice or top tips for younger sailors or new sailors?

Enjoy sailing with your friends, and don’t just think about racing. Sail as many different boats as you can, and always focus on having fun.

Ben Anderson WASZP sailing

Quickfire Questions

Tell us something about you that no one else knows

I was 2 months early as a baby, and had a heart attack just after I was born, on Christmas Day. Obviously I don’t remember it…..

What’s your superpower?

Port-tack starts!

What bit of sailing kit can you not live without? And why?

I always wear a cap when I’m sailing and I love my Magic Marine hikers

What’s your ultimate dream?

To go to the Olympics.

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