Verification of Class Legal Equipment For Use in Laser Class Competition

Sailingfast have been working with the Laser Class for many years now, supporting various events from the Nationals, Qualifiers and 4.7 Ladders and everything in between. With that in mind, we wanted to share the latest rules regarding class legal equipment from ILCA (International Laser Class Association) so you can keep on the right side of measurement.

You can read the full article here: ILCA Class Legal Equipment File


All class legal hulls after 148200 must have a “World Sailing” (or equivalent) plaque affixed to the aft face of the cockpit toward the port side (approx. 100 cm from the centreline) that displays the sail number for the boat. The current plaque appears as follows:

Plaques have changed in appearance over time. Following are some images of plaques that may be encountered:


a. Insignia

There are two different insignia that may appear on the sail. The ILCA logo or the traditional Laser starburst, each pictured below:

b. Sail Button

Sails must have a sail button, which may be one of several different colors, attached near the tack of the sail:

At present, the colors are orange (for MKII sails used with the Standard/Full rig) and red (for sails used with either the Radial rig or 4.7 rig, or the older parallel cut MKI sail for full rig).

Older buttons may have a Laser starburst but all will indicate that they are made by an “ILCA Authorized Sailmaker”.

c. Sail Patch

Class sails will all have a patch placed near the tack of the sail, indicating that the sail is class legal. (Note: older sails may have patches with “Laser” markings, which remain class legal).

III. QR Certification Labels

New Laser Class Legal equipment is marked with QR certification labels of the following format:

Labels are included on the parts and locations listed below:
a. ILCA Dinghy Hull – On the transom 10mm (+5mm) to port of the upper gudgeon on a baseline which is an extension of the lower edge of the gudgeon.
b. Centreboard – On the top or side surface, above the top of the centreboard case when the centreboard is in the fully down position. The label position may be recessed in the centreboard.
c. Rudder Blade – On the flat back face of the rudder blade.
d. Rudder Head – On the side directly under the mid point of the tiller hood.
e. Upper Mast (Aluminum) – Next to the sleeve.
f. Upper Mast (Composite) – Next to the sleeve.
g. ILCA 4 Lower Mast (Aluminum) – Between the gooseneck and vang fittings.
h. ILCA 6 Lower Mast (Aluminum) – Between the gooseneck and vang fittings.
i. ILCA 6 Lower Mast (Composite) – Between the gooseneck and vang fittings.
j. ILCA 7 Lower Mast (Aluminum) – Between the gooseneck and vang fittings.
k. Boom – Between the vang attachment fitting and the gooseneck plug.
l. Vang cleat fitting – On side plate.
m. ILCA 4 Sail (used on 4.7 size rig) – located in the aft bottom corner of the window.
n. ILCA 6 Sail (used on the Radial size rig) – located in the aft bottom corner of the window.
o. ILCA 7 Sail (used on the Standard/Full rig) – located in the aft bottom corner of the window.

IV.Laser branded parts

Most equipment that will be encountered at class events will have “Laser” markings. These items remain class legal. Specific parts that should have labels (whether “ILCA” or “Laser”) include all spars and foils. Sails will all have sail buttons and patches. Hulls must have World Sailing (or equivalent) plaques.

Still confused?

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