What to Wear Paddleboarding in the Winter

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing! Alfred Wainwright

Whether you live in sunny climes, or the upper reaches of northern Europe, there is an increased appetite to enjoy the traditional summer sports like sailing or paddleboarding all the way through into the winter. Based as we are in Scotland, we have put together this guide of our favourite things to wear to enjoy sailing and other watersports, throughout the winter months.

1. Base layer – Zhik hydrophobic fleece top

Not for use every day perhaps, but on the really cold days, you could add an extra layer underneath your wetsuit. Our personal favourite is the Zhik Hydrophobic Fleece top which can also be warn on its own, or with just a wind-proof layer over the top. We wear ours running, skiing, paddleboarding, etc, etc!

Superwarm X

2. Mid Layer – Zhik Superwarm X

Worn as a long john with a separate top, the Superwarm X from Zhik has lines of fleece on the inside which help trap the air (or water) next to your skin and keep you warm. Add the top for the complete set but you might like to size up as they are small made.

Rooster Pro Lite Aquafleece Top

3. Outer Layer – Rooster Aquafleece

The best-selling Aqu afleece from Rooster should be one of the staples of the water sports enthusiast’s wardrobe. Designed to keep you warm even when wet, this fleece-lined, wind-proof top comes in 2 designs: Pro Lite – with cuffs at the wrist and waist, or Classic – without cuffs. Also comes in a women’s cut and children’s sizes. We would recommend sizing up again here as they are quite neat otherwise.

Sailingfast bobble hat - red

4. Extremities – hands, feet, head.

Our favourite hat for the dinghy park is, of course, our Sailingfast branded bobble hat, made by hand in the Scottish Borders. Those of you who prefer a hat minus the bobble need look no further than the Zhik Beanie.

As for your hands, it sometimes takes a bit of trial and error to find what suits you best. Our Director Emma suffers from Reynauds, so likes to layer up even her hands with 2 pairs of gloves. The Rooster PolyPros make a fab 1st layer, with a grippier outer layer like the Showa Thermo gloves.

Layering up your feet can also be a good idea – Rooster polypros or a pair of Supertherm Socks from Zhik work well with a pair of dinghy boots on top. You may wish to try a larger size in the boots, to accommodate the extra layer.

If you need advice on sizing, or which combination of products might work well for you, call us on 01324 861 756.

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