Win WASZP 1000


We only have 5 days remaining in our historic WASZP #1000 competition and we can assure you there are some fantastic slogan entries rolling in. So they should be with the chance to win the amazing limited edition GOLD WASZP 1000.

To enter it is simple, head to and purchase an International WASZP Class Membership (IWCM) for existing WASZP owners or a Future WASZP Class Membership (FWCM) if you do not own a WASZP. Then give us your best WASZP slogan in 25 words or less, the top 5 slogans will be voted on from December 7th -10th on our social platforms to determine who will win the 1000th boat.

Not a WASZP owner and want to win? No problems!

This competition is open to everyone! Just head over to and sign-up to our FUTURE WASZP MEMBERSHIP and enter, it is only $15! See image below for what you recieve as a FWCM. 

Own a WASZP and want to enter?

There are a host of benefits to go with the new IWCM and you can see the full press release here >>> you will see the value you receive for the membership, we are more than just a racing class, we are a way of life. If you sign up to the IWCM or FWCM you also have the opportunity to win 2nd prize, an Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset, through our partnership with MarineVerse Cup you can experience the WASZP in virtual reality as well as racing your mates all over the globe.

Our class manager Martin Evans has been working hard on the 2021 Event calendar and we will be announcing a full set of events for 2021 by the end of the year and any benefits the class recieves through strategic and commercial partnerships will only be available to IWCM. It is looking like an amazing return to championship racing in 2021 with loads of events to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Can’t wait to see you on the water.

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