The foiling sensation of the WASZP is totally amazing and once you have tried it, you’ll be hooked!

The WASZP is the most eagerly awaited and talked about one-design dinghy in generations. Various sailors during test flights have managed to foil after only a few minutes in the boat and come away enthusing about how much fun they had.

The WASZP is a one-design foiling dinghy. Every boat is produced to the same tight specification, meaning it’s down to the sailor to squeeze the speed out of the boat. Designed to minimise barriers to foiling, anyone from teenager to adult, male or female, can jump in a boat and have fun.

Currently the UK are fortunate to boast the WASZP 2021 European Champion, Matt Beck and 2019 World Champion Rory Hunter. With the class growing weekly, there is a wealth of knowledge across the country to help get you started. Why not take a look at the current worldwide rankings on Racehub?