WASZP Annual Bolts Spares Kit


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We recommend that you annually change these bolts to keep your boat in tip top condition. In addition to this, we do recommend:

  • If you have M6 central wing hinge bolts (sail number 2000 – 2400), replacing these annually.
  • If you still have a M5/M6 Reversing Lever cap bolt, upgrading to the new M5 Reversing Lever Axle / M6 Reversing Lever Axle.

Please also read WASZP Annual Boat Maintenance for instructions on how to change your bolts.

Included bolts:

Bolt/Part Qty Area of Use
BO4x8RHP 1 Gearing Adjuster
BO8LN 1 Wand Axle
BO3x8RHP 3 Control System (Reversing Lever & RHA Barrel)
WZGW 2 Gantry Upper Bolts
BO6WS 2 Gantry Upper Bolts
BO6x35SH 2 Gantry Upper Bolts
WZFB 2 Foil Joiner Bolts

If you need help with which pack to choose, just contact the office to double check. 01324 861 756


Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
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