Red Paddle Co – Paddle Blade Cover


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This Red Paddle Co SUP Blade Cover will protect the blade on your paddle from bumps and bruises thanks to the impact resisted foam and durable construction. The hang tag feature allows it to be hung up anywhere and attached to the board at everyone’s convenience, avoiding the common question ‘who stole my Red Paddle Co Blade Cover??’

This Blade cover will safeguard all Red Paddle Co paddles including Kiddy Alloy, Alloy Nylon, Midi Carbon 50 Nylon, Carbon 50 Nylon, Carbon 50, Carbon 100 Nylon, Carbon 100, and Ultimate Carbon.

  • The polyester woven material acts as armour from surrounding rocks, cars, and people, preserving the brand spanking new blade shine.
  • This high denier fabric creates a thick, sturdy, and durable defence.
  • An extra strong coil zip keeps the blade safe, sound, and cosy.
  • This stylish black Blade Cover with a Red Paddle Co logo in red and white is a must have for any paddle owners, it’s not just for blade protection, but for fashion as well.

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Dimensions 50 × 5 × 30 cm