Rooster Carbon Tiller for ILCA – Low Profile Type

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This Rooster carbon tiller for the ILCA or Laser, is the strongest carbon tiller on the market utilising space age technology.

The Tiller is manufactured on a mandrill with pre-preg materials to produce the most consolidated carbon fibres ever! Each tiller is additionally wound with 45 degree twill to improve the tillers hoop strength and make it bash and crush resistant.

Fitted with a stainless steel plate to prevent traveller wear, and a cleat to allow easy and efficient use of a rudder pull down rope.

Tiller Types

There are TWO tiller type/styles available, either the standard profile or the low profile style.

The Standard type tiller is for the Laser hull built in the UK and Europe by Performance Sailcraft Europe from 1969 to March 2019. The current ‘Laser’ is built by Laser Performance.

Low profile type tiller is for the Australian built Lasers, the ILCA Ovington boat (UK March 2019 onwards) and the Devoti ILCA (EU) builders.

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Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm